Hadar Training in few words

We are a Training Company specialized in IT training, and thanks to the twenty-year experience of the founders gained in the field of professional training as well as in the management of corporate IT Training projects, Hadar Training offers a wide range of courses, in order to satisfying training requests in the areas of Systems Engineering, Networking, Server Administration, Cyber security, Virtualization, Containers, Open Source, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages, Databases and DevOps. We specialize in Real-Time Remote Instructor-Led Training, and our Mission that constantly motivates us is to be able to provide training services aimed at industrial certifications at affordable costs and for everyone, including those who are far from the most important metropolitan areas in the world.

Technology and Strategy

We were among the first to strongly believe in the implementation of the latest technologies to renew the classical schemes and approaches of IT training. Our entire catalog of courses in the Instructor-Led Remote Live Classroom Training mode, setting rigorous quality practices in all phases of the course. At the same time, we have enriched each course with Remote Labs accessible 24-hour, favoring the practical approach in all training programs, all finalized through an International Industrial Certification.

International Recognition

Hadar Training is accredited as Microsoft Learning Partner, and on going to complete onboarding with the biggest IT vendor of the world.

The value of the Certifications

In the fast-paced world of technology, IT certifications stand as proof of your skills and dedication. Employers seek certified professionals for their validated expertise and problem-solving aptitude. Pursuing a certification boosts your career potential and instills confidence to navigate the dynamic IT landscape. With Hadar Training, embark on your certification journey – a valuable investment in your professional growth..

In-House experts

Over the years we have built a team of qualified trainers including them in our staff in a stable and full-time way. We are a company that makes research and development in the IT field its fundamental strategy. Every day our engineers test and implement new technologies to offer them in the best training programs at the highest levels. Another important strength, not usual, is a Sales Team with a strong technical orientation, so as to fully and quickly understand the needs of our customers, responding with adequate training offers. All our departments, Administrative, Technical Support, Delivery, Certifications… rigorously apply the best and latest good practices of international standards to provide an excellent service.

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