Hadar Training Becomes a Certified Kryterion Testing Center

Hadar Training - Kryterion Authorized Testing Center

We are thrilled to announce that Hadar Training has officially become a certified Kryterion Testing Center! This new partnership allows us to offer a broad array of professional certification exams, supporting advancements in various IT and business sectors.

Hadar Training - kryterion test centers

By becoming a Kryterion Testing Center, Hadar Training now provides a secure and conducive environment for test-takers, ensuring the highest standards of examination integrity. Our center is equipped with the latest technology and meets all the rigorous requirements set by Kryterion, including a distraction-free testing area, controlled room temperature, and adequate workstation setups.

This accreditation is a testament to our commitment to enhancing professional development and accessibility to top-tier certifications in Albania. It also opens up more opportunities for local IT professionals and students to gain internationally recognized qualifications, right from our center.

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