Hadar Training in Action: Empowering NATO with Specialized IT Training

Hadar Training Nato

NATO Trusts Hadar Training and Its Partners for Its IT Training Needs

In an increasingly complex and alert digital environment, NATO COMMUNICATIONS & INFORMATION SYSTEMS GROUP finds itself in an unparalleled standoff, a struggle that unfolds not only on the field but also online. As such, they have chosen, once again, to entrust Hadar Training with the task of delivering high-level specialized Microsoft and System Virtualization training for 30 Military Technicians from the international 2nd NATO SIGNAL BATTALION. 💪💪💪

The 2nd NATO SIGNAL BATTALION provides infrastructure and services for communication and information systems to all NATO-deployed headquarters. This core group of specialists assures support for communication systems and contributes to the testing of new deployable communication equipment, backing any operation or exercise within the NATO action area.

Hadar Training, part of a group of companies specializing in IT Training, is honored to be working with NATO. We are already hard at work to ensure the full success of this new project. 💪💪💪

In the months of May and June 2023, Hadar Training will conduct three Microsoft courses.

We understand the importance of these trainings, and we are ready to meet the challenge. It is a testament to our commitment, quality of service, and the trust placed in us by organizations as significant as NATO.

Stay tuned for updates on these courses and join us on this exciting journey!