Instructor-led remote live classroom training

Remote Live Training

Hadar Training was founded with a clear vision: to deliver high-quality remote training that rivals, and even surpasses, traditional classroom learning. Recognizing the need for flexible, time-efficient learning solutions, we have embraced and perfected the best practices in remote training from the outset.

Join us and experience the immense benefits of our real-time e-learning approach, which eliminates the challenges associated with commuting. The necessity for continuous learning, coupled with the diminishing availability of time, makes real-time e-learning an optimal solution.

Hadar Training’s remote learning focuses on key elements:

  • Real-time interaction with the trainer and fellow learners;
  • A platform that allows participants to engage with the teacher and each other as if in a classroom;
  • A video conferencing tool ensuring smooth, high-quality Audio and Video (HD/4K Video);
  • Remote access to lab environments with user-friendly interfaces;
  • Access to lesson recordings for review and reinforcement;
  • Technical support staff available to assist students and facilitate lab activities;
  • Rigorous quality checks before course commencement to ensure high-quality standards.

Using one of the most robust video conferencing systems globally, our lessons offer HD/4K Audio and Video quality, enhancing the teaching and learning experience. Experience a new level of interaction with Hadar Training, where remote learning achieves an exceptional standard.

Remote Access to Lab Environments

The misconception that distance learning is less effective than traditional classroom training often stems from the belief that it lacks a hands-on component, which is crucial in IT education. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Regardless of whether you’re learning in-person or remotely, the access method to lab equipment remains consistent. Technologies such as Telnet, SSH, and Remote Desktop Control enable round-the-clock access to devices, servers, and systems in our Datacenter (or our partners’), facilitating all practical exercises necessary for learning outcomes.

Engaging in practical tasks by remotely controlling servers or devices mimics real-world business scenarios. In fact, remote lab work is often more reflective of daily operations in the IT sector. Therefore, the practical aspect of an IT course, whether delivered on-site or remotely, is equally effective, provided it is well-structured and offers immediate, straightforward access. Experience the seamless integration of theory and practice with our remote learning approach.

Prompt Technical Support

At Hadar Training, we understand that a successful remote training course is not just about having an expert instructor; it involves a dedicated support team working behind the scenes.

Our technical staff plays a vital role in ensuring a seamless learning experience for our remote students. Prior to the start of each course, we conduct thorough tests on Audio, Video, and Internet connectivity to avoid any disruptions. Throughout the course, our technical team supervises every lesson, promptly addressing any issues that students may encounter, including those related to remote lab environments. This allows our trainers to concentrate solely on delivering high-quality instruction.

The success of any training event is a collective effort, not just the responsibility of the instructor. The role of our support team becomes even more critical in a distance learning course. At Hadar Training, our integrated approach ensures that every stage of your learning journey is well-supported and carefully managed for the best learning outcome.

Using technology for Human Capital Development

High-quality remote training democratizes access to education, making it possible for individuals and businesses – regardless of their size or location – to engage in world-class IT instruction. Whether you’re an individual, freelancer, or part of a small, medium, or large company, Hadar Training can provide you with access to cutting-edge IT courses even if you’re not based near major metropolitan areas.

With the power of the internet and the latest advancements in training technology, you can access top-tier instruction at an affordable cost. This not only opens up new professional opportunities for you but also facilitates growth in your business environment. By leveling the playing field, remote learning allows everyone to partake in the benefits of high-quality IT education, ultimately fostering more inclusive and widespread development.

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